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Sky drama, Filming underwater child actors.


Britains Historic Families. Aerial Filming


The Workshop - Richard Hammond.  Aerial Filming

Patrick and the Whale. Filming the Sperm Whales of Dominica with on screen talent Patrick Dykstra. Director Rupert Murrey

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Garden Tales, filming natural history - long lens

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Commercial shoot in the Arctic for Canada Goose FW19 campaign - Spring Studios NYC


Filming infra red Natural History for Night on Earth for Plimsoll Productions.

Commercial for So Sri Lanka tourism campaign, filming Natural History 

Antarctic shoot filming the tagging of humpback whales for Blue Planet Live insert


Gold Rush: White Water. From the producers of Gold Rush, Discovery’s #1-rated show, comes an all-new series. Filming underwater in Alaska, high up in mountain rivers brought a whole new set of problem solving skills. A RAW tv production, employed as US crew using my 01 visa.                       


The Wonderful World of Puppies. A new series of filming the births of various puppies and their life battles amongst the litter.  


What makes a Woman.  Documentary following transgender model and activist Munroe Bergdorf as she under goes facial surgery for gender re assignment and other thought prevoking life challenges as she looks into womanhood. 

ITV's Crime and Punishment week following Ross Kemp in prison.  Shooting aerials we were privileged to be the first to film from a drone in a working UK prison. 

Commercial for Nespresso in Colombia. Shooting Alexa Mini with heavy lift drone Alta 8. Director Nez. 

Filming the live transport of animals as they travel across Europe.  FS7, producer Jon Ironmonger.

Pulse Films - Sampha - Process. Shooting aerials for a music video out in Sierra Leone, directed by Kahlil Joseph

BBC - Blue Planet II . A month filming in Antarctica aboard the Alucia.  Filming from land, sea and air.  Shooting with the FS7 and VR cameras in this incredible environment. 

Commercial for eBay.  Shooting lifestyle for new eBay strand.  Director - Tiffany Maddox - FS7


Tigress - Secrets in the Mist.  Shooting natural history of Mountain Gorillas in the dense Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Equipment RED Dragon.

Great Canal Journeys. Shooting sync with Prunella Scales and Timothy West on this wonderful, joyful show about their lives on the water. Director Mike Taylor 

The secret lives of Arabian animals. Shooting extensively topside and underwater natural history in Oman and UAE.  Director Hayley Smith

Country file.  Shooting sync with presenter Ellie Harrison on this Spring special searching for dolphins off Cardigan bay. Director Joseph Hassell. Camera FS7

Eden. Shooting aerials for this reality documentary in a remote area of the Scottish highlands

Commercial for Visit Guernsey.  Shooting aerials on heavy lift drone Alta 8.  Director Ubik - RED Dragon

BBC Earths Wildest Waters - The Big Fish.  Shooting topside and underwater on this global fishing challenge presented by Ben Fogal.  Director Andy Devonshire.  Camera F55

Adrift 47 days with Sharks - Discovery Shark Week

Shooting topside in Malta and UK for drama documentary showing in Discovery’s popular Shark Week. .  Underwater operator on location and tank Action Underwater using Aquatica housing for 5D. Director Gareth Johnson.

Commercial. Gimble operator for the Helicopter Girls shooting aerials. Camera Alexa Mini

BBC Earth Unplugged. Underwater Camera  shooting high speed science of swimming dogs. Camera RED Dragon/Gates housing

BBC Victoria Derbyshire Show.  Shooting sync with presenter Victoria Derbyshire on sensitive interviews and case studies. Camera C300

BBC NHU _ Sky World.  Filming the murmuration of Starlings on the Somerset levels with an Octocoper.  Director James Brickell.  Camera RED Epic 

Red Bull Channel.  Shooting for Red Bull on a new international presenter lead show with Mikey Kay on the MoVi stabilisation system with a team of film makers from the UK and USA.  Director Gianclaudio Angelini. Camera C300

BBC4 - Dawn Chorus.  Shooting natural history for this program as part of BBC4 Goes Slow. Director Nigel Paterson. Camera C300

Icon Films - River Monsters.  Underwater camera shooting drama reconstruction. Director Clare Dornan. Camera RED Dragon/Gates housing

Back to the Planet.  Shooting various sequences with the FS700. Director Alan Pleass

Warner Brothers. the Heart of the Sea.  Marine team on a Ron Howard feature. Three month shoot as safety diver working closely with the underwater unit headed by Peter Zuccarini.  DOP Antony Dod Mantle

NHK Great Natures. Shooting from a boat the Severn Bore, one of Britain's few truly spectacular natural phenomena.

Jesus Rise to Power. Camera Operator on Drama shoot in Morocco through Dune Films.  Director Ben Mole.

Nile river project

Expedition to the Rwenzori mountain range in Uganda filming Natural History up at 4’500 meters.  Director Clare Dornan.

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