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I have filmed around the world, in fact fortunate enough to say in all seven continents. From the ever awe inspiring tabular icebergs that float in Antarctic waters to the dense mountains of Rwanda amongst their resident precious mountain Gorilla. I have been awarded a US 01 visa, for a professional with exceptional talent, allowing me to working in the US permanently if required.  I am a qualified HSE part 4 underwater diver, also highly experienced in shooting topside aboard sea fairing vessels ranging from the high tech Alucia ship in the open ocean to small catamaran’s bobbing upon the Severn Bore. A skilled MoVi and crane operator I also work together with octocopter pilots as a gimbal operator using heavy lift drones to create smooth epic aerial shots.

Recent work includes sequences for the BBC NHU on Blue Planet II, SkyWorld, and Earth Wildest Waters. Commercials and drama for Discovery and Sky Vision. Underwater sequences for Icon's River Monsters and Blue Ants Secret Life of Arabia. 

My career started long ago as a camera trainee under the watchful eye of Nick Dance on drama. Over the years I have enjoyed work on Dramas, Features, Commercials, Documentaries and Natural History programs. I enjoy my work spanning the genres and have gained a wealth of transferable skills from having such a vast experience.  
Filming techniques used include underwater, helicopter aerials, drones, MoVi, high speed, time-lapse, green screen, crane and thermal imaging using equipment ARRI Alexa Mini, Amira, Alexa, RED Epic, Dragon. VeriCam, F5, F55, FS7, FS700, Phantom Gold, Flex 4K and Miro. Lenses - Cookes, Arri Master primes, CP2’ s, Canon, Nikon.

I am very happy to face new challenging roles and believe multi skilled, hands on crew roles suit me well and am very much a team player.

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